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We promote all kinds of industrial maintenance solutions

At Clopés we make sure that your company has all the best solutions in industrial matters. Your machines will always be ready so as not to stop production.

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We lead the industrial maintenance sector.

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We work with the best solutions at the highest quality.

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What We Do

We provide the best maintenance
for your company



We take care of the maintenance of your company to ensure the proper functioning of the machines and equipment.


As soon as a machine needs repair, our team will be there to work quickly and efficiently.


We have a team of experts to provide mechanical extensions that will help improve the profitability and production of your company.
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Recent Projects for Companies

Maintenance of industrial meat companies

We have many years of experience working in the industrial sector, providing the best solutions for the maintenance of your company. We know the sector of large companies and all their machinery, we have a fabulous work team that will ensure that your production does not stop working.

We currently work mostly for companies in the meat sector.

Frequent Questions

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We know that you may have many questions about how we work and how we can help your company, which is why we have answered 4 of the questions we receive most frequently.

We currently work with this type of production facilities:

· Slaughterhouse
· Undo room
· Triperia
· By-product room
· Sewage treatment plant
Our sector par excellence is meat, although we work for all types of companies in all sectors.
First of all we send a team to explore your company and once the exploration is finished, we start working together to improve performance.
Thanks to our team distributed and trained throughout the continent, we can help any company throughout Europe.
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